Alex Gray

Alex Gray, a professional surfer for 20 years, loves being uncomfortable in a foreign environment where surfing is the bond between adventure, culture, and new experiences. He is known for being at the best waves in the world when they’re breaking at their largest. He has a lust to search longer and farther into remote exotic locations seldom traveled with a surfboard. With his approachable and charismatic personality, he makes friends with locals everywhere he goes. It’s through these friendships that he gives the world a backstage pass into the most unique surf stories available. He has a positive loyal following of 90,000 @A_gray instagram followers. Alex is multi-faceted in his career balancing his outgoing humorous personality and surfing ability. He has been featured on the cover of Surfer Magazine four times, Transworld Surf, Surfing Magazine, Tracks Australia Surf, and Surf Europe. 

His big wave surfing accolades include winning the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Tour event, an invite to the Eddie Aikau, Surfer Magazine barrel of the Year at Teahupoo, numerous XXL nominations, and 2x Gopro of the Year winner from Fiji and Africa.  Alex separates himself amongst his peers with his ability to host the awards shows he’s nominated in. These include Surfer Poll, XXL Big Wave Awards, WSL broadcaster, and FuelTV host. Alex also starred and produced one of GoPro’s highest viewed Youtube shows called Out To See. Outside of his surfing career, Alex has created a surf therapy called Agray Surf Therapy. The loss of his older brother Chris to a drug overdose drove him to host free sibling grief days at his local beach. He has spoken to dozens of schools reaching over 30,000 students about his life and encouragement for people to be their best. Alex is now traveling the world as a private surf coach.